Our Team



(This is a placeholder.) I founded Mofoblitz back in March 2016.
I designed Conplus, Kung Fu Lou, and GAMP, and I've made graphics for most of our games. Twitter: @binarystep



Hey there, I'm Thayle. I'm one of the programmers for Mofoblitz.
You can usually find me in the Skype chat, but if I'm not there I'm either going on a programming spree, gaming, or dead.
Assume the former!
I have a generally relaxed attitude towards life and people, so don't be afraid to skype me at thayle.l or discord me at Thayle#7791.



I'm "Drocta" , I wrote the code for gamp, I'm writing the code for conplus.
You can see other projects of mine on my github (as Drocta).
I've also been playing with making games since elementary school, though you probably wont find any on my github.
I am also a math major. I've found an end towards which to put my means.

Peter "Fox" Keys



Howdy, I'm Richard! I mainly design levels for our games and I'm really passionate about my work!
If you need me, you can contact me personally on discord at Blank#6231.